AF Coating

AF(Anti-Fouling) Coating

Photomask anti-fouling is used to protect mask surface from contamination by thin-film coating.
Furthermore it has special advantage to wipe off easily the contaminations on a surface by using a dry wiper, so it can improve product yield.

Basic structure of the anti-fouling coating

Glass surface energy = 310 mJ/m2

Perfluoro compound surface energy = 18 mJ/m2

Our anti-fouling coating technology is to build anti fouling function by reducing surface energy about 20 times less than the normal glass mask by stably forming a layer consisting of perfluoro composite on it.

Benefits of anti-fouling coating

Work H&S

Ensure work safety by eliminating hazardous chemicals

Easy and simple chemical free photomask cleaning

Green Policy

Non-chemical based environmentally friendly cleaning process

Cost Reduction

Improve productivity by reducing photomask cleaning process tine.

No use of cleaning chemicals such as solvents, acids or alkalis

Reducing provisional facility investment burden : cleaning facilities and LDI

Improvement of the exposure yield
(photoresist and organic particulate deposition, Prevents contamination particulate particles and haze, and provides efficient cleaning control of contaminated substrates)

Sortation Inspection yield Foreign matter detection amount
Anti-fouling Coating Mask Application Process 99.8 1.2
General mask application process 98.9 2.3

Improve production by applying anti-fouling coating masks.